Lao Cai - Bac Ha - Nam Thang - Nam KhanhTour Code: BHT-201 | Duration: 3 days - 2 nights | Tour Grade: Easy | Length of trip: 14km/day | Type of trip: Bac Ha Homestay

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Day 01: Lao Cai - Bac Ha

This day your trek will be about 18km on one of the most beautiful valley and mountain ranges.. Your first 4km is to visit the village of Phu La and Nung ethnic minorities. Your trek is never bored as you have the best compensation of stunning view towards lush forest with magnificient mountains and a small attractive waterfall. Your trip will continue as you trek to Nam Khanh village to have a glimse at the unique culture of Dao hill tribe. Overnight with Dao tribe

Day 02: Nam Thang - Nam Khanh
The highlight today falls on the time you spend with Nung and Hmong minorities. The strange yet lovely lifestyles of these local people will impress you much. Moreover, you will walk via the plantations fo green tea and herbal farm and our tour guide will introduce you well about the local agriculture. Homestay will mark your dark insprational when you spend a cozy night with local people

Day 03: Nam Khanh - Bac Ha

The landscapes changes quickly with your newly -made foot print on this beautiful region. Paying 2 hours and a half for trekking is extremely worth for your unforgettable photos. Lunch is served in Bac Ha town. Back to Lao Cai train station to come back to Ha Noi. Arrive in Ha Noi in the next morning.

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